Automatic bearing calculator


The automatic bearing calculator (ABC) enables the user to determine the geometry of the die in the bearings and in their close vicinity.

It has been automatized so that no prior knowledge of numerical simulation or methods is needed to perform simulations of complex cases.

The user is only required to provide the geometry of the profile with a dxf file.

Main tasks

Three main phases must be performed by the user:

- A first phase dedicated to processing of the geometrical input data based on a provided dxf file of the profile and to selecting options for the method used to determine the geoemtry of the bearing region.

- A second phase dedicated to the determination of the geometry of the bearing region according to the selected method.

- A third phase dedicated to data post-processing and visualization as well as generation of compatible data with computerized numerical control (CNC) manufacturing machines.

A GUI is provided for the user in order to proceed in an easy way to the geoemtrical data generation, field computations and data post-processing.


The current version available for users is 1.0, which runs on windows 7 and 8. It enables the user to automatically determine in a few minutes the bearing lengths for a geometry without balancing stairs.

The new coming version available for users is 2.0, which runs on windows 7 and 8 and on linux distributions. A pre-release version is currently under test. It encompasses the features of version 1.0 but also enables the users to determine in an automatic way the geometry of balancing stairs located just in front of the bearings as well as the bearing lengths. The presence of stairs enables the die designer to reduce the bearing length heterogeneity, making their manufacturing easier.


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