Research and Development

MTD helps you to create your Technology for the Future. MTD is leading the most ambitious R & D programmes related to process optimization , in close collaboration with the best academic institutions and top of the range industry.

MTD integrates the most advanced numerical techniques, in order to always improve its simulation tools and meet the challenges of the future. MTD collaborates with top academic institutions such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technologies in Lausanne (EPFL) and Zurich (ETHZ).

MTD brings academic and industrial actors together within common development projects, involving development of well-adapted numerical methods and experiments / trials on production installations.

Process optimization: involved fields of expertise

Aluminum extrusion

MTD works in close collaboration with production units. The MTD numerical models have been calibrated and validated for various process conditions and geometries on press installations of all sizes and conditions, also for the most complex geometries and over a wide range of different alloys.

Software development

We continuously adapt our softwares to the evolution of computing science in order to reduce the simulation times and benefit from new developments in the field of mesh generation, equation solvers, parallelism and scientific visualization ,