3D simulator for plastics/food extrusion


The 3D simulator enables the user to perform fast three-dimensional simulations of the extrusion process enabling one to compute temperature and fluid flow. Numerical trials allows to select optimal die geometry. This leads to savings on correction costs and longer lifetimes of critical parts.

It has been automatized so that no prior knowledge of numerical simulation or methods is needed to perform simulations of complex cases.

It is based on the finite element method, which requires the generation of a mesh from a CAD file provided by the user.

Main tasks

Three main phases must be performed by the user:

- A first phase dedicated to Input data and mesh generation when the input data like the die and contained aluminum alloy geometry provided in two separate step files and the operation parameters are loaded or specified via the visual interface. The mesh is built in a subsequent step.

- A second phase dedicated to data preparation for the coupled solver and solver execution.

- A third phase dedicated to result data post-processing and visualization.

A GUI is provided for the user in order to proceed in an easy way to the mesh generation, field computations and data post-processing.