Numerical Simulations

The MTD Simulation Aided Design platform combines 3D CAD conception together with numerical simulation of stress and deformation, thermal evolution and fluid flow. Numerical trials allows to select optimal CAD concepts. This leads to savings on correction costs and longer lifetimes of critical parts.

In some situations, very quick solutions are required, and simulation is being directly performed on the customer's site by designers or process operators. Examples are cooling (the MTD Heating and Cooling Simulator HCS), die bearing prediction (the MTD Automatic Bearing Calculator ABC), and the flow balance and die bending (tongue drop) MTD solvers. Such software are being inerfaced to CAD 2D and resort to the MTD seamless mesh technique, so that the user just have to enter a few parameters, with no fussing about about finite element meshing.

User-friendly and seamless integration of MTD quick solvers is a proven technique to support die conception. It has been implemented on industrial scale at Phoenix International S.P.A..

The reliability of the models is being constantly improved on the basis of calibrations and validations on production installations for various process conditions and geometries, in collaboration with production units. The numerical algorithms, too, are being continuously improved, thanks long-term collaborations with the best academic institutions.

Analysis of the aluminum extrusion process: study canvas

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