Process optimization

MTD provides solutions to optimize processes based on our expert experience and on results of numerical simulations.

In aluminum extrusion it is important to master the thermal evolution of the press elements, the billet and the forming profile. Choosing the right set of process and operational parameters is necessary if one wants to extrude high quality profiles and reach higher extrusion speeds for big runners. This is why it is beneficial to perform virtual trials by full 3D transient simulation of the press cycles. Reliable and quick 3D predictive models take into account material flow, heat sources and losses in an accurate manner. In the conception phase as well as during the process itself, numerical modelling allows to increase lifetime of the parts, process productivity and final product quality, increase the lifetime of critical parts and save on trials costs.

As the plastics extrusion and injection molding processes are quite complex and involve a large number of process parameters, it is very useful to resort to numerical simulations in order to investigate in a quick, efficient and cheaper material-saving way the influence of these parameters and proceed to optimization. In addition, integrating computer modeling within the interacting building blocks of processed parts: product design, plastic material, mold/die design, process conditions and production line, enables the project participants from material engineers to mold designers to have an overview of the various constraints on the design.

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