Training is performed on the basis of alternating theoretical and practical hands-on sessions adapted to the customer's needs. It is delivered on various modes:

Training is provided on the following topics:

Please, contact us in order to request a training program/session or to obtain more information. Specific topics can also be treated on customer request.

Training modes


Training sessions can be organized on the customer's site.

In our offices

For a small audience, training sessions can also be organized in our offices in Sierre, Switzerland.


Specific training can also be using video conference support upon request.

On-line e-training

Self-training can also be perfomed. On-line documents and videos can be accessed by authorized customers.

Training topics

Specific software training

We provide training for users of the following softwares:

Aluminum extrusion

Polymer/Plastics extrusion

Aluminum extrusion

- Theory of extrusion and simulation

- Die technology, design and correction

- Press operation

- Quality and alloys

- Cooling technology and operation

- Organisation and continuous improvement

Plastics extrusion/injection molding

- Theory and simulation

- Components and instrumentation

- Operation and troubleshooting

- Extruded material properties

- Design and developments

Simulation aided design

Metal extrusion

- Process feasibility

- Process and design optimization

- Die bearing definition

- Cooling system

Polymer/Plastics extrusion/injection molding

- Process feasibility

- Process and design optimization

- Cooling system

Computer aided design

- Die design rules

- 3D die design methodology

- CAD/CAM customization

- Product data management

- 3D die design methodology for simulation